Below we have listed in no particular order 14 of our favorite tattoo parlors in Kraków. Some are more known than others and some have their own signature styles, but having been recommended them all by local tattoo artists and even visited the studios ourselves, we are more than confident you won’t be disappointed. The following studios were chosen by us because we felt each place has some unique qualities that our readers will also appreciate. Expect some interviews to follow over the next few weeks

Kult Tattoo Fest

Kult Tattoo opened in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. They started with one artist on Pijarska street but it was just the beginning for Ania and Radek. Kult Tattoo soon became a home for talented artists and they had to move to a bigger place at Szpitalna.

In 2016, they opened the second studio in Krakow in the legendary building Jubilat and also introduced apprenticeships in search for talented artists or graduates of the Academies of Fine Arts. Currently, they have a group of almost 30 award-winning, inspiring, recognizable artists. together with the fact, Kult Tattoo Fest is also the organizer of Poland’s largest yearly tattoo convention, they can be considered as one of Poland’s leading studios.


Tarantula Tattoo Shop is recently opened and probably the one and only traditional tattoo studio in Krakow. Located in the heart of Krakow’s historical district Kazimierz, the studio was created by four friends – piercer Łukasz Bardo and 3 tattooers with many years of experience – Crazy Lessi, Edek & Mateusz Mazak. They specialize in traditional tattoos, although they are open to other styles. The studios interior is inspired by classic American tattoo parlors with its walls covered in plenty of hand-painted flash sheets with hundreds of designs to choose from. Tarantula has a unique atmosphere and has dared to be different and we absolutely love it.


Dark Times Tattoo Studio

Owned by probably the most famous artist in Kraków if not the whole of Poland, Victor Portugal was born in Uruguay before he moved to Krakow to set up Dark Times Tattoo Studio. With numerous awards from around the world, his experience has helped him to put together a crew with numerous tattooing styles and has created a unique studio full to the brim with talented artists. Probably the coolest interior we have seen also. He even has his own brand tattoo machines!

Think Ink tattoo

Think Ink Tattoo is a small studio next to the City Center in Krakow. Resident tattoo artist is Wiki (Wiktoria Kirnoz) who studied art for 10 years so it was just a change of instrument when she started doing tattoos. Specializing in black and grey realism, and color realism as well, she is fast becoming well known in the industry. Think Ink is all about the details with a wonderful atmosphere being a top priority. You can count on their true opinion and will tell you when something is not a good idea. The opposite of a tattoo factory but rather a VIP service.


Monochrom Tattoo

Monochrom is a very fast developing workshop. The studio is located in a secret charming place which adds to its appeal. It is hidden but yet open to all quests. They absolutely love working with black and white but can be inspired by all colors of the rainbow.  They value good relations as much as they value bringing out subjective histories and feelings. A hidden gem is always hard to find but we have done all the hard work and found it for you.


Contrast Ink

Contrast Ink is a place created by two tattoo artists – Karolina Myćka and Marcin Sokołowski. After many years of experience in various studios at home and abroad, they decided to create their place on earth for themselves and for the growing circle of satisfied clients to spread their passion for tattooing. Specializing in surrealist works, blackwork, illustrations, and linework, their individual approach that has been developed over the years guarantees that regardless of whether you come for a small, tasteful tattoo or a large, bold design you will leave with a smile on your face.  They also have some of the best coffee ?


That’s all Folks

The first tattoo shop in Krakow’s Kazimierz, where music, gigs and atmosphere are of equal importance. Want a traditional tattoo? Head straight to @Piotrmelnyczuk, one of the first guys in Poland interested in old school tattoo. But That’s All Folks team is not only about old school. In the shop you can find @mateuszkocjan working in blacks — mandalas and dot work and @vladimirbabich – graphic tattoos in various styles – @munbirds, who looks over @piotr melnyczuk and is interested in old school, @ivanxtattoo – inscriptions, calligraphy. @agatamorzyk is responsible for floral and animal tattoos, and @oleglamaha will easily tattoo a realistic portrait of your loved ones. That’s All Folks Tattoo at Berka Joselewicz 14 is the only tattoo shop in Krakow, where you can fit 100 people in 20m2.


Retro Ink Tattoo

Retro Ink is located right next to the main square on Szewska 18/2 street on the 1st floor. The team consists of Radek (tattoo artist) and Marta (piercer). The studio is arranged in a retro style, referring to the style that sits in their hearts and has a knack to bring to life even the boldest projects. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, passion, and love for tattoos, you are guaranteed to leave Retro Ink with a smile on your face! Very friendly.


Czarny Szlak

Czarny Szlak is not only a tattoo studio but a collective of people who also participate in side projects like music bands, DIY floral crafts or graphic design commissions. Now located at Szlak 16A they have created a community atmosphere with their tattoo studio, workshops and art exhibitions. If you feel curious, come and visit us, maybe you will surprise yourself and find something new to explore, that won’t necessarily be a tattoo


Rock & Ink

Established in 2008, Rock n Ink is located in a tenement house located 300 meters from the Main Market Square. Combining respect for the old school, openness to all novelties and many years of experience translates into one of Krakow’s best studios and an individual attitude to each client. In addition to the permanent team, they are very often visited by the best Polish and foreign artists maintaining their already high standards and the highest quality tattoos.


Avalan Tattoo

Avalan Tattoo was established in 2016 as a personal workshop of one of worlds’ best Polynesian style tattoo artists’ – Agnieszka Kulinska. In a comfy atmosphere of a custom workshop, together with Aga, you will prepare a unique design of a solid Polynesian Tattoo with feminine ornaments and beautiful dotwork. Her unique talent has been confirmed with numerous awards collected at European tattoo conventions. The studio also hosts many world-class artists working with their individual styles from mid-ages-style handpokers, to realists. Avalan Tattoo is located outside the Old town and one of the furthest tattoo studios on our list but there is no substitute for genius. If Polynesian style is what you’re looking for then you must visit the best.


Nie po Drodze

Each of the artists here has a unique style to themselves and together they create the atmosphere found at Nie Po Drodze. Although a family, individually they have some strong characters including Dima which deals with realistic tattoos and Kawarin who has a clearly defined style combining black with delicate colors. Agnieszka, Polina and Heyro favor graphic style with each of them putting their own stamp.


Despite just beginning, Hexagon is ambitious and aim high. Their artists combine talent with experience and perform their work with great passion. Marina specializes in graphic tattoos, dotwork, and her favorite projects are mandalas and floral compositions. Pavel has many awards and creates beautiful realistic tattoos, both black & grey and in color. Igor has a characteristic style from realistic through to dynamic compositions ending with neotraditional tattoos.


Make Art

Make Art was created in September 2014, initially with the name “Art Factory”. Due to their popularity, the founder of the studio, Greg, began to search for more artists with various different tattoo styles. Right now the team consists of nine tattooists and a manager. In September 2016, the studio was moved to ul. Krupnicza and changed its name to “Make Art Tattoo Studio”. Today, the studio is located on ul. Karmelicka and the team consist of a young crew with passion and talent that make up the Make Art family.

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