Ramen has taken off in Poland in a big way. Although popular, Poznań is lacking in ramen restaurants. Why is that? We spoke to the owner of one of Poznańs few ramen restaurants Paweł Urbanski of Ramen-Ya in Jeżyce.

Hi Paweł. So when did you open Ramen-Ya?

Actually not long ago. We opened in July this year.

So why did you choose Jeżyce?

I actually live in ul Koscielna and I love this part of Jeżyce. I was waiting a long time to find this place. Its a few minutes walk from my place and I dont have a driving license so its perfect:)

What inspired you to open a ramen place?

Since I was young I was interested in everything Japanese. I had a blog for a few years but I got bored so I decided to learn how to cook. I remember buying 100kilos of onions just to learn how to chop them properly. After about 6-7 years I thought I could use my new skills and decided to open a ramen place.

So where do you get your noodles from?

Yetztu ramen restaurant have a factory and produce their own noodles and I order from them. They really do produce incredible noodles and in my opinion the best noodles money can buy.

Your place is small and always busy. Considering your success so far, have you thought about getting bigger premises?

Ive only been opened a few months and I want to really get my ramen to a top level before i sthink about that.

I noticed on your menu that most dishes are 25zł. Why all the same price?

Firstly the price is good. Secondly it means clients dont have to decide wether to choose a cheap dish or more expensive dish. They are all the same. And thirdly its easier:)

You also prepare a less known dish called Bao. What is it?

Its a steamed bun (包子), bao is a complete meal conveniently packed away in a white, warm, soft bun. Filled most traditionally with a pork mixture.

You said you love everything Japanese. Have you been to Japan?

Not yet but im planning to go in December. I cant wait to stuff myself with 5 ramen bowls everyday and hopefuly learn some new techniques:)

What is your most popular dish?

Definately the Shoyu Ramen with a strong meaty flavour and soya sauce.

Finally, why do you think there are not many ramen restaurants in Poznań?

Im not sure but its not an easy dish to prepare really well. That could be one of the factors.

Thanks for meeting with us and have a great trip to Japan!


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