Served in every corner of the city, burgers still enjoy an undying popularity in Poznań. The best players remain on top, and the newbies fight for recognition. Here are our TOP 13 burgers you have to try before you die in no particular order. It was too close to call to rank them so we suggest you try them all! TIP: Click on the names of each restaurant to be directed to their Fb page…

FAT BOB BURGER ul. Kramarska 2 (Old Town)

Considered one of the best burgers in town (which is saying something considering PL’s recent infatuation with gourmet fast food), FBB has been drawing rave reviews from critics and ordinary meat lovers alike for years.

Made with fresh ingredients, high-quality beef, and home-made buns, these meaty concoctions are both extra filling and much much more sophisticated than what you’d get at the drive-thu. For the vegetarian crowd, there’s a grilled halloumi option but our favorite is the 200g ZBOCZNIAK with horseradish sauce, hazelnuts, crispy oyster mushrooms, grilled bacon, cherry tomatoes, camembert, fried oyster mushrooms, red onions and garlic sauce.

KROWI PLACEK ul. Szamarzewskiego 16 (Jezyce)

I always knew they were good, but I did not expect them to be so good. The name may put you off (Krowi Placek means Cow Pat), but the beef is first-class, and always prepared according to the customers wishes.

Interesting combinations of ingredients tempt everyone not only by name, but also by taste. The menu includes, among others, a cow pat from the mountains, a Baltic cow pat , a pat with potato and much more. We recommend the PLACEK EJBRA for 17 PLN with chorizzo, blue cheese, jalapeno, onions and spicy mango sauce. Delicious!

BURGS CHEF ul. Strzeszyńska 61, Podolany

Originaly only a foodtruck, Burgs chef has been recognized over the years as one of the meanest burgers in town. This is a huge compliment considering they are located outside the city center in Podolany.

A tiny locale has 10 burgers on their menu from a standard 16 PLN Cheeseburger to their gut filling 300g GOLIAT (translated to Goliath in English) for 24 PLN. Although, we recommend their GUACO NACHO for 23 PLN with cheddar cheese, red onion, guacamole, nachos, iceberg lettuce, jalapeno peppers and chipotle mayo! Yum!

GOŁE BABY ul. Wrocławska 17 (Old Town)

As far as we know, this is the latest opening burger shop in Poznań. It opens until midnight during the week and 04:00 on weekends! Since opening, they have gained a large following and is fast achieving legendary status!

Expect 6 beef burgers with very original names such as Janusz, Serowy Maseracz or Tego z Jajkiem and 2 pork filled buns called Świniowy Maseracz and Świniowy Dżordż. We recommend the 150g JANUSZ with garlic butter, perfect after a night out on the town!

BAD GUYS BURGERS ul. Wodna 7, Old Town

At Bad Guys Burgers you can expect some original combinations. They are extremely tasty yet refreshingly simple. Owned by a group of friends, the chef and his recipes are from Chicago. An American. A man with burgers in his blood. A man who knows what a real burger should taste like. 

A quick glance at their menu and you see burgers named after various cities in the States. Clever.  Such names as Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas to name but a few. Although, we recommend their latest burger called MAC & CHEESE with a 150g burger made of 100% Ground beef, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, mac & cheese (pasta + cheese sauce, according to a classic New York recipe) and fresh chives. Simple genius!

Burger Joint – ul gen Maczka 1a

Located in Sołacz, about 5 mins walk from Sołacz park, Burger Joint is a family-run operation and is very popular with deliveries. They have around 10 burger choices at any one time including some unique combinations.

Expect burgers with names such as BURGER OLD SCHOOL with 160 g of beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, camembert, mushrooms, cumberland sauce or RED DEVIL with 160 g beef, mayonnaise, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Habanero / Carolina Reaper peppers, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onion and a secret hell sauce! We have to recommend though, the crazy TRIPLE MURDER with three 100g beef steaks, mayonnaise, lettuce, triple cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard and topped with a fried egg. The question is are you man enough?

Hapos burger – Gwarna 9 (City Center)

Owned by 2 young Kazakhstanis who are pushing to be regarded as the number one burger in town. We love the idea of handing out gloves to their clients. Apparently this is quite normal in Kazakhstan.

Expect some alternatives also such as CRISPY FISH or their cheapest burger for 10 PLN called BIEDAK. Vegans have the VEGAS BURGER made from green lentils, spinach, avocado and caramelized beetroot and carrot! We recommend though the BBQ BURGER with 100% beef (110g) double bacon, camembert, grilled onion grill, tomato, fried egg, BBQ sauce, and mayonnaise in a black roll. Delicious!

Big Mik – Głogowska 59 (Łazarz)

Easily missed Big Mik has earned the right to be in the list of best burger places in Poznań plus there is a real Mik behind the counter! Exactly Mikołaj, who in addition to fast food in his veins and heart has taken over the reigns of his family run business.

Mikołaj also, is not afraid to experiment with various distant ingredients. His rolls for example are cut and fried so that its bottom part turns into thin toast. Burgers range from 15 PLN for the MINI BURGER to 23 PLN for our favorite called suitably BIG MIK with 150g of beef, blue cheese, bacon, fried onions with mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber and homemade bbq sauce. Yummy!

Ministerstwo Browaru – Wroniecka 16 ( Old Town)

As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes mainly in serving golden drinks, but burgers dominate in the food menu. The place is almost as famous for its burgers as its craft beer. A great combination!

The menu has 7 burgers to choose from, including one VEGAN BURGER in which the meat has been replaced with a 150 g black quinoa and black bean cutlet. Having tried them all we recommend the MANGO BURGER for 25 PLN. With 150g of beef, chorrizo, cheddar, lettuce, chilli-mango chutney its delicious! Pay 6 PLN more and also get some Belgian fries served with Belgian sauce!

Whiskey in the Jar – Stary Rynek 100 (Old Town)

The best steakhouse in Poznań. Food menu contains mostly meat dishes and specialize in the highest quality beef steaks, super-sized burgers and grilled meals, called Rocker’s Grill. Due to it’s location in the market square its a bit tacky and very touristy but they are always packed and do a mean burger and have earnt the right to be in this list.

If you are going to try a burger here then we suggest you go for their 39 PLN DIABLO! Although its going to be in many cases 2 times the price of others in our list it’s definately worth it. Filled with a 200g burger, jalapenos, crispy nachos, cheese, bacon and a sauce based on chipotole you wont be dissapointed! For people who like a kick with their burgers.

Święta Krowa – ul. Kwiatowa 1 (Old Town)

This is one of the oldest burgers joints in Poznan They generally offer 10 different burgers with one of them being a new seasonal burger for those who want to experiment and taste something different. You can also drink cider, beer or water made exclusively for them!

Prices start at 17 PLN for the basic CLASSIC BURGER upto 25 PLN for the almighty BYCZEK. Sometimes though it’s nice to keep things simple. We love the KROWĄ z KOZĄ with 100% beef, goats cheese and caramelized onions!!!

Mixtura – Piekary 17 (City Center)

Mixtura is strictly vegan so meat lovers don’t bother coming here. For those that love burgers but rather the healthier option then Mixtura is for you. The menu is small with normally only 4 choices plus 2 seasonal burgers. They also have some of the cheapest burgers ranging from 17 – 21 PLN.

Each suggestion offers a different meat substitute: millet chop, beetroot chop, slices of pickled tempehu (an ingredient made of fermented seeds, mainly soybeans), lentil cutlet, green peas cutlet, spinach and tofu. We recommend the 19 PLN BURO with a beetroot cutlet + mustard sauce, mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, red onion, pepper, tapenade, feta cheese, vegan cheese, arugula, alfalfa sprouts. Delicious!

Rusztowanie – Małeckiego 22 (Łazarz)

Another place that isn’t a burger joint but they do some interesting burger combinations. Starting at 31 PLN, they are by far not the cheapest, but they are served with fries, salads, grilled vegetables, potatoes and onion rings. What is very unusual is they serve the cheese outside the roll instead of inside!

When here, we recommend you go for the craziest burger we have ever seen called BIG BLACK BURGER! A large black roll hollowed out and filled with marinated turnip, long baked pulled bacon in Asian spices, marinated red onion, spring onion, and yuzu mayonnaise! Don’t forget the hot cheese sauce and sprinkled with chives. 41 PLN with fries, potatoes, onion rings or salad. What a monster!

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