Streetwise recently published our favorite 10 tattoo studios in Wrocław and now we have come back to Wrocław to get 12 more. We were on the look out this time for something different, places you may not have heard of but should have. Click on the studio names to be directed to their FB page. Expect interviews with all the studios over the next few weeks…


Positive studio is a family place where you can get a well-made tattoo and also permanent makeup. The studio opened 4 years ago and was created by Maciek and his wife Gosia.

Maciek has been tattooing for 8 years and Gosia specializes in permanent makeup. She fell in love also with dotwork style tattoos and started making small tattoos called „Dotki”. She is also very able with graphic style tattoos. Maciek specializes in realism but also likes cartoon and graphic tattoos.

They have created something unique in Wrocław by offering a family friendly atmosphere. Sometimes studios can be intimidating but not here. Highly recommended!

Bez Litości Tattoo Studio

Established over 2 years ago, here you have a studio whose main focus is artistic tattoos and passion development. As the owner says ‘We do not run a craft workshop and our clients value that’. They currently have four artists, including one apprentice.

The crew is tight and consists of Poliszka Tattoo who specializes in realistic and colorful flowers and adorable watercolors.

Juru Tattoo is a fan of comics, anime and realism.

Jabymtakniemogła creates black sketches full of surrealistic motifs.

Spoko Dziara deals with graphics, abstract and orient style tats.

Even though the studio has been going for 2 years, the artists have been in the industry for longer. Enough to tattoo at a high standard.

Czarne Serce

This is a new place where you can find tattoo artists with passion and good skills. It was the owners dream to a open tattoo studio in which everyone can feel like good friends just by entering the studio. We love also the mimimalist and sanitary feel to the place. Expect tattoos such as old school, sketch and realistic.

They are new and they realize its a crowded market so they have a special offer right now of 800PLN for whole day sessions but hurry because its only for the first 6 months. The idea of the promotion is that you will like their work so you will go back again and again!

Studio Lewa Ręka

Studio Lewa Ręka is housed in an old industrial building in a creative neighborhood of photographic, film, drawing and hairdressing studios. This is one of the few places south of the Main Railway Station where you can get a tattoo.

This small studio was opened two years ago by Michał aka Warda Tattoo and currently, there are three artists who work here and share a passion for good music and black ink. Warda, who started his tattoo adventure as a fireman on an oil platform, prefers linework in the style of woodcut tattoo and delicate detailed touches.

Irena Nordis aka Mavka Tattoo is a specialist in feminine linear designs and Arek aka Aro Tattoo is a talented trainee who strives to combine traditional tattoos with the aesthetics of the Middle Ages.

The studio is completed by a minimalist interior decorated with great attention to detail and some interesting music. Very welcoming studio you might not have heard about but standards are very high!

Jak Z Obrazka

Jak z Obrazka is an extraordinary artistic and lifestyle concept, where the crew is focused not only on beautiful, personalized tattoos but also on the pleasure of experiencing the whole process. From the moment you enter, they will welcome you with a smile and a cup of coffee, listen to even the craziest ideas and together create something extraordinary.

An unusual and interesting studio created by three artists, Kotter and Marianos who are the founders and also Sylwia – where the whole process of tattooing is a magical experience.

Tattoo by Marianos

Marianos is a passionate self-taught guy who loves challenges and experiments and has no impossible projects for him! He loves to design his extraordinary designs and does a mean cover up also!

Tattoo by Kotter

Kotter is a master of dots and ornaments, who trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the equivalent of the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul.

Tattoo by Sylwia

Sylwia is a girl of many passions. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, and in her free time, she practices aerial acrobatics! Her tattoo style is expressive and witty. If you are looking for a studio with a ‘human face’, where artists are focused on personal contact and a conversation about the project, then Jak z Obrazka is definitely a studio for you!

Black Moth Tattoo & Piercing

The studio was founded in September 2015. The founder of Black Moth is Konrad Cieplik, a Harley fan and tattoo enthusiast. Where did the idea for the studio come from? The answer is simple – a passion for drawings on the body.

For the last two years artists, Eugene Green, and Ruslan Novak have been doing the business but they have been recently joined by a young tattoo artist, Kamil and Sylwia who focuses on piercing but is also a tattoo apprentice.

Tattoo by Eugene Green
Tattoo by Eugene Green

Eugene feels well in blackwork, the traditional / neotrade style – black and red is his basic palette of colors.

Tattoo by Ruslan Novak

Ruslan Novak specializes in realistic style tattoos.

The studio is constantly developing its wings and despite the large exposure of skulls in the ‘waiting room’, the atmosphere is totally friendly and no one is sad! Very friendly crew!

71 Ink

71 Ink was created by Piotr Wolczecki and Łukasz Sajnok who opened the studio about 2.5 years ago. Just so you know, 71 is the area code of the capital of Lower Silesia – Wrocław when dialing a phone number.

The team consists of two artists, Lucy Tale Tattoo and Jurek. Lucy has been tattooing for about 3 years and likes fantasy tats but also feels good in realistic styles. She also loves the elements of the so-called “sweet creepy”.

Tattoo by Lucy
Tattoo by Lucy

Jurek has been professionally tattooing since 2014 and likes primarily realistic black & gray and color.

Tattoo by Jurek
Tattoo by Jurek

A really fun studio with great characters will keep you coming back for more!

Umbra Tattoo

Umbra Tattoo is a newish studio founded by Patryk Kowalski, who has been tattooing for over 7 years. This studio is located near the center of Wroclaw, on Komuny Paryskiej 81B. Artists Patryk Kowalski and Krzysiek “Polar” are engaged in creating the magic, and Alice will look after you at the entrance.

Tattoo by Patryk

Patryk specializes in photorealism and Polar in a graphic-realistic style. Tattooing is their life, they put everything into it, and the measure of their progress is satisfied customers which come back for more.

Tattoo by Polar

Waiting time for a tattoo is made easier by a comfortable sofa, Playstation, books, good music, delicious coffee or tea and the fabulous Alice who will look after you. Alice is in the process of furnishing the studio with some plants of which she loves so the air quality will be good too:) As the owner told us ‘ Creativity is our element and we cross borders with it’.

Tattoo by Patryk

Bubblegum Tattoo

Bubblegum Tattoo exists since 2017 and is one of our favorite studios when it comes to the name and the design of the interior. It is fun, colorful and many of the furnishings have been crafted by the owner himself using wood craft. The studio is located on the Wrocław Nadodrzu. The location is not accidental, they spent a lot of time to find the right space in this part of the city, because for decades the estate is considered to be an artistic part of Wroclaw.

Tattoo by Koralina.Ink

The concept of the studio is simple – it’s artistic, friendly and super clean. Here you will meet tattooists who are above all artists and like nothing more than to show their works to the world.

Tattoo by Tynka

As the owner tells us ‘ We break the schematic perception of what and how a tattoo should be presented, giving our customers unique ideas. We make sure that the atmosphere, interior design, decorations and music stimulating the imagination will remain in the memory of our guests’.

Tattoo by Hekate

They are a tight crew with 3 artists producing numerous styles of tats from linear, graphics, through to dotwork, realistic tattoos and amazingly colorful neotraditional compositions. Their inspiration is nature, fauna, flora, minerals and what is extraordinary in the world around us. Also, If you are thinking of covering an old tattoo then you should consider Bubblegum because they love to correct bad works.

Strefa Tattoo

Strefa tattoo is a friendly, comfortable tattoo shop with a trendy, modern atmosphere. It is an exceptionally clean and intimate environment for your next tattoo. Shop owner Marta Wysmulek is down to earth and approachable, as well as extremely talented.

Marta opened the doors of Strefa Tattoo for the first time in October of 2018. Already, in the first year, Strefa Tattoo has become like a home away from home for so many people. Strefa Tattoo has two full time tattooers, Marta Wysmulek and Emilia Federkiewicz (EmilkyWay).

Marta specializes in black and grey, whip shading, floral, realistic, and geometric tattoos. Marta is a versatile tattooer and prides herself on being able to do whatever style the client wants and do it well.

EmilkyWay specializes in color, traditional, and neo-traditional tattoos. She graduated from art school in 2011 with a specialization in wood carving. Marta and Emilia welcome you to be a part of the family. They love what they do and are excited for you to love your new tattoo.

Le Savoir

Le Savoir tattoo studio is one of the newest studios we came across and was opened officially in April 2019. Currently, the crew consists of 2 artists,
Arsen and Serhi, who happen to be the owners also.

They decided to open their own studio to explore their passion further and make it into a lifestyle. Don’t be fooled though, these guys have plenty experience and have taken those experiences to create an awesome place!

Tattoo by Arsen
Tattoo by Arsen

Le Savoir offers various styles – Arsen specializes in dotwork whip shading graphic tattoos fine line styles and would love to do more creepy stuff.

Tattoo by Serghii
Tattoo by Serghii

Serghii likes black and gray realism and especially Japanese style. 

If you wondering what the name of the studio means – in English, it means; experience/knowledge.  A fitting name for a highly experienced studio where you can feel like at home!

Bounty Tattoo & Barbershop

The owners and the main artists in Bounty Tattoos are Alex and Lola. The studio has been going for 5 years but Alex started tattooing at a very young age. His interest in tattoos began at the age of 13! They also have a cool barbershop so you can get your hair and beard sorted at the same time ?

Tattoo by Alex

Alex specializes in tattoos based on real photos, tattoos made in color and black and grey tattoos.

Tattoo by Lola

Lola has been tattooing for 3 years and specializes in graphics work, black line and dot work.

We love the interior of the studio, it’s young, fresh and big and airy with huge windows so you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. Oh, and don’t forget to get your beard trimmed while your there ?

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