With literally hundreds of tattoo studios in Warsaw its difficult to choose which one is for you. Streetwise recently published our favorite 15 studios in Warsaw and we are back to find some more. It took us a few weeks but we found 11 studios we really like. Some are old, some are new and some are hidden. Click on the studio names to be directed to their FB page or on VIEW PROFILE to go to Instagram…

Blackstar Tattoo

We started with Blackstar out of respect. Launched in July 2006, it’s one of the three oldest tattoo studios in Warsaw. The founders were Karol Krawczyk who organizes the tattoo artists & Pawel Czarnecki who specializes in piercing. The studio is laid out over 2 levels and they currently have 8 artists but also expect lots of guest spots so keep a look out on their FB page.

On entering the studio you feel the nostalgia and it’s designed in such a way that you cannot escape the old school atmosphere and history of this studio. Has to be ranked as one of the best studios in Warsaw. Regarding styles, they have it all…graphic, old school, new school, classic, neo-traditional, comic book, oriental, Nordic, Polynesian, ethnic, tribal, minimalist, ornamental, floristic, black and white, colorful, realistic, artistic. Click on VIEW PROFILE below to see Blackstar portfolio

La Onda Inc

Studio La Onda Inc. was established in March 2016 by Patrick and Kinia. It is located in the oldest district of Warsaw – Praga Północ. Currently, the studio employs 5 tattoo artists specializing in every style. You will find realist works and dotwork, cartoon or even traditional styles. Thanks to many many awards you can be sure that you will get top-level treatment here at La Onda Inc.

What you realize when entering the studio is the amount of laughter going around. The atmosphere is crazy but don’t be fooled. Their approach to work and professionalism is second to none.

Projekt Tatuaz

Located in Grochów, Warsaw, this small studio is run by artist and tattooist Konrad Maksymiuk. The studio combines the idea of ​​slow life and rock and roll energy and is the smallest sized studio from this list. Each project is handcrafted and 100% original. The atmosphere of the studio is created by the owner himself who himself is very charismatic. He says about his job: “I listen to my clients. When designing a pattern, I try to capture the energy of the person with whom I work, his/her taste, her preferences and give my artistic input”.

So what styles can we see expect from Konrad? They are usually classic and timeless designs, that is, above all, realism and is inspired by works in the style of sketch and new school. Eager to share his passion and skill, Konrad also runs individual courses and training for novice tattoo artists. Very cozy studio.

Goat Tattoo

Goat Tattoo is a studio located in the Warsaw Bemowo district and was founded in 2014. The founder of the studio is Sebastian and at his side, you can also meet Marte. Together, they form a harmonious duo not only in private life but also at work. Expect a loose atmosphere and an individual approach to the client.

Sebastian is a varied artist who will surprise you with a new idea for a tattoo every time. Marta as a new tattoo artist is constantly developing her skills although she does like to work with a lot of dots.


Ironik tattoo studio appeared in a quiet, family part of Warsaw in May 2017. The owners of the studio are Irena and Jarek Piotrowski, who were tired of their everyday office work and decided to open their dream studio.

Since opening, they have gathered an experienced crew who each provide an individual approach to your project in completely different styles. In IroInk you will always get high-quality work, a cozy atmosphere, and delicious coffee!

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Jungle Tattoo

Jungle Tattoo Studio is a new place on the map of Warsaw. It is located in the very center of the capital, 100m from Złote Tarasy. It is filled with special plant species that purify and moisturize the air, and in addition, reduce the amount of smog.

Greenery in Jungle Tattoo not only rests your eyes but really affects the quality of air. You will find a top-level crew tattooing in various styles like geometry, realism, trash polka, new school, and old school.

We like the fact that the artists not only tattoo skin but show off their amazing skills on canvasses on the wall which makes it feel like an art gallery.


A unique place where design meets tattoo. Located in the heart of the green district old Mokotów (Puławska 41/26) inside a characteristic pre-war building. The idea here is to combine old art with a twist of modern media and this applies to both tattoos and interior of the studio which is stunning.

Raw concrete walls mixed with white furniture, plants, and crystals, inspires you by just checking in.

You get a feeling of being somewhere special. The studio was created by a bunch of friends who share the tattoo lifestyle and each offers a unique style and paying a lot of attention to details. You can find artists in styles such as realism, minimalism, neo-traditional, watercolor and cartoon.

Boog Tattoo

If you want to stand out from the crowd, unload stress or change your life and ask yourself where to get a tattoo then Boog tattoo is a safe bet.
Probably one of Warsaws newest studios, it opened in May 2019 but the quality of their tattoos shows many years of experience with different styles and directions.

Not only are their projects exciting but they will cleverly restore or repair an old tattoo. We love the interior also. Very simple, modern and very clean. The young owners Mikalai and Pavel will look after you like VIP’s and make sure you leave with a smile on your face just as big as theirs ?

Tattoo Wizards

Tattoo Wizards was established in September 2017 and is located near Wilanowska Metro station, on Aleja Wilanowska 364B. Right now there are 4 artists to your disposal.

Szklarz – The only man in the studio and a charismatic manager and tattoo artist. He likes to work with watercolors and neotraditional styles but also black realism with a touch of comic outlining. His works are very recognizable and characteristic. Flami’s customers are mostly women and works in dotwork and whip shading which is full of sensual elegance.

Asia is always smiling and apparently is a sports maniac girl. She works in sketch style in black… only black. Basia is a student but an artist in every sense of the word. She plays around with realism in color and black. Together the crew will look after your every whim and will keep you coming back for more.

Razor Tattoo

Razor tattoo studio was opened in 2014 and was created by Jarek and his girlfriend Krysia in Praga, Warsaw. Jarek is the main tattoo artist and when you enter the studio expect to find Gosia who manages all studio matters. The studio prides itself on attention to detail and execution at the highest level.


They are not afraid of any tattoo style at Razor Tattoo. Expect realistic, classic, 3D tattoos, biomechanics, as well as cover-ups at the highest level. They also value direct contact during consultation with the client to reach your expectations and beyond. You can ask them about every detail of your Razorattoo’s performance.

Waves Tattoo

Waves Tattoo is located in Warsaw’s Gocławek district in Praga Południe. It was founded in 2016 and currently has 3 artists working with numerous styles. Not a hipster studio but rather a family vibe which we love.

Expect many styles but they specialize in old school, graphics, and realistic styles. Add to this high standard of hygiene and safety and Waves Tattoo has to be on our list.

PureArt Studio

Studio founded by Dagmara Dłużniewska in April 2019r in Zacisze and brings something different to the tattoo scene in Warsaw. Pure Art Studio was created for love of tattoos, but its idea is much more. Dagmara and friends have created a space for artistic and charity activities. There are many activities of this kind in their plans. In addition, in the studio, they combine tattoo art with the art of permanent make-up.

The crew of 3 is full of passion, so you’ll find a fantastic atmosphere, good music and some of the best coffee in Warsaw. From the other hand, they are focused on standards of hygiene and safety of their Guests. You can find there new tattoo trends and materials like UV ink, incredible projects, and professional service. Look out for various events on their FB page.

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