Below we have listed in no particular order 10 of our favorite tattoo parlors in Szczecin. Some are more known than others and some have their own signature styles, but having been recommended them all by local tattoo artists and even visited the studios ourselves, we are more than confident you won’t be disappointed. The following studios were chosen by us because we felt each place has some unique qualities that our readers will also appreciate. Expect some interviews to follow over the next few weeks

S – Cultura

S- Cultura has existed since 2015 and offers a level of sterility and minimalism to create a unique atmosphere that is not be expected from the stereotypical appearance of a tattoo studio. Each artist specializes in a specific style and often combine different styles so that each tattoo is original.

The crew consists of owner Mikołaj “Miki” Brzeziński who has been tattooing for 10 years and enjoys using various shades of gray which allows him to work out amazing details of every smallest composition and Kuba Kucharski who is a very talented 23-year old who loves realism.

Dirty tattoo

Studio founded by Maciek ‘Licz‘, who after 10 years of tattooing in Poland and abroad decided to start working under his own brand. Located in the city center, the studio is distinguished by its modern design, attention to the climate and details, a friendly atmosphere and a professional approach to the client.

Dirty Tattoo Studio is co-created by artists with many years of experience, passion, and talent. The current studio’s crew are Maciek “Licz” (multi-style artist), Piotrek “Blady” (black and gray realism), Kacper “Mitłosz” (blackened old-school).


The efficient functioning of the studio is ensured by Karola – a manager who will find your time for a session in a stuffed calendar and answer all questions and doubts that you may have.

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Jack Galan Art

Owner Jack is well known for his own visual style like “digital art” and its counterparts “speed painting” which consists of very bright colors. He also loves to make themes from the Star Wars series and everything related to Sci-Fi as he is both a fan and a collector as is evident when you walkinto his studio.

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Currently, the crew consists of Jack Galan. Mateusz Babski a.k.a GentlemenTattoo who is a master of Old School and Neotraditional art and Oleg Petrovsky from Ukraine who loves color and b&g realism. Very well respected studio and artist throughout the industry so expect top-level tattoos only.

Jack Galan

13 Tattoo

13 Tattoo was founded by Tomasz Rybak in 2012 and has since grown to include two studios in Szczecin which are steadily gaining their reputation as more talented artists join the team. With 11 artists currently on their books and a ton of awards under their belts, the team has a lot to show for in terms of offering a large variety of tattoo styles and very friendly atmosphere.

The crew also currently consists of some up and coming artists and due to there being 11 of them, you will be able to find an artist especially suited to your project. Expect styles among others such as Japanese, geometric, Maori, Polynesian realism, biomechanical, black&grey dotwork, graphic sketches, flowers, mandalas, traditional, new school, illustrative, cartoons, lettering. They have it all!

Sky Tattoo

SKY Tattoo first appeared in 2015 and just a few months later, they won first prize at a tattoo convention. Today, their prizes cannot be counted. SKY Tattoo is now a well-known brand in Poland and abroad and you will find their studios in several countries as well as numerous Polish cities.

The fact they have studios in over 10 cities and growing, is a sure sign they know what they are doing and cannot be ignored. With the pulling power to attract some of the best artists from both Poland and abroad, you are sure to leave with a smile on your face.

Black Skulls Tattoo & Barber Shop

Recently opened (November 2018) Black Skulls Tattoo & Barber Shop is the only Szczecin tattoo studio which combines tattoo art and the barber craft. As the owner Peter says’ We don’t have customers, but rather guests”. Artists take their time with you over a cup of coffee or a glass of whiskey to create a unique piece of ink or hairstyle.


Expect a specific atmosphere at Black Skulls where their main goal is to make you feel at ease and at home, especially if its your first tattoo. They also are active in various charities involving children so expect some of your money to go to the needy. So what are you waiting for? Get your new hairstyle and tattoo at the same time and leave a new man!

Craft Tattoo

Studio Craft is located at Aleja Piastów 58 and was founded in 2010 thanks to the Lewandowsky brothers. Since the beginning, their frontman and main tattoo artist is Grzesiek Gero Krychowiak who loves realism and trash polka styles. Aleksandra Tomaszewska specializes in neo-traditional and dotwork and Roman Oleynik mainly works with realistic black and greys.

Grzesiek Gero Krychowiak

Maciej, the owner of Craft Tattoo, with the help of Szczecniskie Stowarzyszenie Artstów Tattuazu, also organizes the main tattoo convent in Szczecin which is also one of the biggest Tattoo Conventions in Poland. A well known and respected studio which delivers every time you visit. Very friendly and family orientated atmosphere.

Artem Tattoo

Artem Tattoo was founded in December 2017 thanks to two Szczecin artists. Maciek Nowak and Krzysiek Grabowski. Invariably, their only passion is tattooing and waiting for your next idea or if you do not have a concept, they will be happy to offer you their own design. Maciej prefers b&g realistic style with some horror and dark stuff and Krzysiek loves realism, color, and b&g but he prefers to work with pastel grey ink.

You will also find Paulina who specializes in piercing, permanent makeup and also treatments using cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Paulina is no stranger at conferences and seminars and is constantly expanding her knowledge. As a board member of the Professional Piercers Poland association, together with piercers from all over Poland, she aims to improve standards of piercing hygiene across the country.

Lucy Fire Tattoo

Studio Luciyfire was co-founded by tattoo artist Arkadiusz Kępka a.k.a. areklucyfire in 2005. He has over 15 years of experience in the business and has received several awards, mainly from foreign conventions. The second important figure for the studio is Jarosław Rzymski, who mainly focuses on marketing.

Currently, the crew consists of Arek who deals mainly in black and gray realism and biomechanics, Patryk with 20 years of experience, who is comfortable in virtually any style and Kornelia who is one of the most experienced piercers in the region. The team has recently been joined also by two young talented artists Hulaj Dusza a.k.a. zboreckatattoo and Dominik a.k.a. tuz.pod.skora.

Veronique Tattoo

Owned by tattoo artist Weronika Motyl, Veronique Tattoo is the smallest tattoo studio in our list but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a mention. Located just outside the city center, it would be an easy place to miss if you didn’t know they were there. But, once inside you will be treated with one of the friendliest atmospheres.

Perhaps because of its small size, you can feel the energy 2 times more. The quality of their tattoos is also a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking for a more intimate, personable approach then you will be very happy here. The current crew also consists of Klimastattoo, Stefa Milh, and Polka tattoo.
Expect some cool guest spots also.

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