Everybody likes sweets. If they don’t then they should. Sweets make you happy and there is nobody making people happier than the team at Fudge Filosophy on Długa street! The company opened a few years ago by Sara Molęcka and she hasn’t looked back.

Sara Molęcka

They have grown so fast they had to buy the apartment above to make space for the dozens of sweet-toothed people who are often seen queuing outside. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the goodies below and make up your own mind. Even better, go and try them for yourself! Without a doubt the best sweet shop in Poznań and possibly in Poland!

M & M’s, Nutella and Hershey biscuit


Hot Chocolate


Sweet Taco’s




Oreo and M & M’s Biscuit


Oreo Cup with white chocolate


Pretzel dipped in chocolate


White & Milk chocolate cake


Marshmallows dipped in chocolate

A big thanks to Fudge Filosophy for the photos!

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