It’s difficult to keep up with what’s new and what’s hot when it comes to gastronomy in Gdańsk. Some places open and within 6 months close down, but here are 10 places that have opened recently that we think will make it past the 6 months and go on to be successful.

Maverick – Partyzantów 8

Are you looking for a place where to eat delicious tagliatelle or shrimps? Or maybe you want to listen to live music with good food or watch a football match? Maverick restaurant does all of this and then some. Located in the heart of Wrzeszcz its a great addition to the area. Has a local community feel about it which we just love. We recommend the Maverick ribs for 39 PLN. Delicious!


01Pizzarium  – Podwale Staromiejskie 102B

01Pizzarium specializes in Al Taglio pizzas, which are often found on Italian streets. A sort of street food pizza where you can buy slices rather than a whole pizza. With ingredients shipped in from Italy, the taste is guaranteed.


Moja Gruzja – Pilotów 3/6

Family run Moja Gruzja (My Georgia) is full of traditional Georgian dishes and Georgian wines which if you haven’t yet tried is worth trying. Georgian food has a lot of soul and with many Georgians visiting the restaurant it adds to the Georgian atmosphere. We love also the local feel of the place. Very friendly.


Wozownia Gdańska – Gradowa 8

Wozownia Gdańska is the perfect place for lunch with friends and family. Different dishes are prepared every day and we love the homely feeling of the place. Located close to the main station in green surroundings, it reminds us of a country inn in one of the UK’s green sleepy villages.


Zakorkowani – Chmielna 72

Zakorkowani Bistro (Corked Wine) attracts with its unique atmosphere and excellent menu. From some great local beers such as Drwal and Rybak to a pan-fried sea brim billet or an 8oz 21 days aged sirloin steak you won’t be disappointed. Expect wines from world renown vineyards also. Breakfasts are pretty good also!


Śląska 19 – Śląska 19

Industrial style restaurant with contemporary European cuisine especially for meat lovers. Finally a modern fashionable place in Przymorze.


Pierogarnia Stary Młyn – Św. Ducha 64

The variety of dumplings makes you dizzy. Expect traditional dumplings,  fried (Kreski), baked, sweet, vegetarian, with meat, with lard, cracklings etc. Probably one of the largest choices of dumplings in Gdańsk from a restaurant located in various cities in Poland.

Motlava – Stara Stocznia 2/1

The beautiful décor impresses from the first moment you enter. It is stylish, classy and beautiful, and the lighting only emphasizes elegantly presented dishes. From potato dumplings stuffed with duck meat to beef cheeks braised in red wine with mushrooms, this place impresses from beginning to end. Highly recommended!


Słony Spichlerz – Chmielna 10

Słony Spichlerz (Salty Granary) is a place where everyone will feel at ease and will happily return to it. From morning breakfast to lunches and late dinners and night snacks, especially on weekends. What we really love about this place is the diversity of flavors – a combination of Mediterranean, Asian, creative, Polish, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. If you fancy snacks you can even have some tapas at the bar! If you don’t mind the tourists then we highly recommend this place. We recommend the fish tapas!


Retrivo – Rajska 12

Although the menu is simple, everything is well composed and appetizing. From 10PLN morning breakfasts (although they open at 11:00) to 68 PLN beef steaks, there is something for everyone. Located right next to the main station and the old town, the location is great. Great place for a business meeting when travelling or while you wait for a train!

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