7:00 in the morning? Have you just got up and the whole day is ahead of you? Take it easy and give yourself a moment of pleasure and treat yourself in the morning. To be able to find the best breakfasts in the city, we suggest our 10 proposals! (You can click on each cafe title to visit their facebook page)


In the suburb of Przedmieściu Oławskie, Folgujemy is king. This small place, with delicious local products, can be found at ulica Kniaziewicza 16. The smell of fresh pastries and coffee can be felt from the doorstep. You can choose between savory and sweet, vegan and attention-free breakfasts – gluten-free! The Folgujemy team provides constant access to the overflowing coffee from their  Black Rain roaster, with endless refills at the customer’s request. Sometimes you can get a still warm buttery cake.

ulica Kniaziewicza 16 | Opening times 08:00-19:00

Masłomaślane (Butter Butter)

In the suburb of Przedmieściu Oławskie, just outside the strict center, the recently opened Masłomaslane bistro is somewhat hidden. This small place has great potential. For breakfast, you will find, among others, warm bagels with toppings, toasted sandwiches, scrambled eggs, granola. They do a mean healthy lunch also, such as kaszotta with vegetables.

Walońska 7 | Opening times 07:30-17:00

Central Cafe

If your path goes near the Market Square, drop into Central Cafe. A crowded and noisy atmosphere certainly adds character to this place. Central Cafe is known primarily for a wide selection of bagels with various fillings with sweet or savory options. You can also try pancakes with fruit toppings here. A porridge with a handful of toppings awaits customers who expect a light breakfast, and for those who prefer a good snack, they offer eggs served in several combinations. A super cozy morning awaits you here!

ul. Św. Antoniego 10 | | Opening times 07:00-21:00

Zenka Cafe 

A wonderful, lazy Sunday cannot do without ZENKA Cafe. The restaurant is the younger sister of the Central Cafe mentioned above but located in a much quieter area and a beautiful panorama. The breakfast offer comes mainly with bagels with many additions, fruit porridge and pancakes – there is also a combination of flavors for those who dream of bacon, pastrami, cheese and fruit filling. The menu of ZENKA is constantly changing according to the weather and the season.

ul. Dubois 41 | Opening times 07:00-21:00

Seafood Bar & Market 

Seafood Bar & Market is a novelty on the breakfast market. A combination of a bar based on large quantities of seafood and a market where you can buy fish, oysters, lobsters, shrimps and mussels. In the breakfast offer, find open, rich sandwiches with cherry mackerel, salmon ceviche, smoked trout, anchovies with tomato salsa. Order any drink and you’ll get one for every five. If you prefer a hot breakfast, there is a red or green shashlik with shrimp waiting for you.

ul Mikołaja 12 | Opening times 09:00-22:00

Egg Cafe 

When you’re touring Nadodrze, do not be afraid to lose yourself, because you will certainly find yourself in an aromatic and atmospheric Egg Cafe. The Australian interior design encourages you to relax. A brilliant breakfast in the style of “whole foods” is what we like the most!

Ul. Jednosci Narodowej 62/1A | Opening times 07:30-20:00

Bema Cafe

Do not forget about the well-known Bema Cafe, which is going to open other premises in Wrocław soon! Bema is primarily coffee, food and young people who have a good smile from the morning. Egg dishes, sandwiches, salads, croissants or cakes and porridge combined with a coffee from the espresso machine are recommended here for the first meal of the day. If you are not in the area of Nadodrza, other Bema Cafes can also be found on the streets of Legnicka, Drobnera, Grabiszyńska, and shortly also Solny Square.

Drobnera 38 / Legnicka 56 / Grabiszyńska 238 | Opening times 08:00-21:00


Dinette and Di 

The classic, without which you can not get around is the irreplaceable Dinette whose flavors refer to the classics of cuisine from around the world. Well known for its dinnets,  which are small saucers with cheese, pastes, cold cuts, roasts, or jams with fresh bread. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast, then Dinette also serves its smoothies, salads and options without gluten. Dinette can be found on Teatralny Square and at Di Sky Tower.

plac Teatralny 8 | Opening times 08:00-22:00

w kontakcie 

If you want to know where to eat the best hummus?  On Polaka 12 / 1b you will find a small restaurant called W Kontakcie. The hummus here is pure finesse that never gets boring.  The menu also has porridge in several flavors and a bowl of local cheeses accompanied by vegan pastes. The food is complemented by a fantastic atmosphere, assured by the owner herself.

ul. Benedykta Polaka 12/1b | Opening times 07:30-20:00 Tue-Fri


Plastrami was created by Krzysztof Matuszkiewicz – known from the Top Chef program. Pastrami is famous for its homemade pastrami and serves some of the most delicious breakfasts in the city.

ul. Wita Stwosza 44 | Opening times 09:00-21:00


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