Icecream season is here so it’s time to search for the best icecream again this year in Warsaw. Below are the top 10 best ice cream parlors according to Masters of Taste which is a Warsaw competition including the best ice cream parlors in Warsaw! They might not necessarily all be the coolest places in town but they are the best! Enjoy! Click on parlor names to be directed to their Fb page.

10. Lodziarnia Limoni

In 2017, in the international competition of Italian gelato, the Limoni Warsaw team stood on the podium. Lemon Curd ice cream created by Giacomo Canteri conquered the hearts of Italians, and the restaurant returned to Poland with a bronze medal. Why? Try it and see for yourself!

9. Lodziarnia Lodowiec – Ursus

After 13 years spent in the ice-cream industry, the owner decided to create a unique place on the ice map of Warsaw. He produces and sells ice cream, which is distinguished by its quality and taste. ‘If you have not been to me, it is worth trying … Come, eat and feel the difference!’ – the owner says. The parlor is located in a small housing estate in Ursus.

8. Śmietankowe Cafe

Śmietankowe Cafe is an ice cream parlor located in Warsaw, with its own ice cream recipes since 1947. It’s had its makeover over the years but the recipes are still the same. There’s no school like old school and Śmietankowe is the headmaster when it comes to classic icecreams.

7. Lodziarnia AL PASSO – Wola

100% natural icecream. Al Passo ice cream is made on the spot, without preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. You can also get frozen coffee or hot chocolate here.

6. Pastelove – Tarchomin

This place is famous for its long queues. Expect a dozen or so people every day at any time! It’s also known for its blue cheese ice cream. Check it out!

5. Lody z Michalina – Józefów

This is something for people living in the south-east of Warsaw. One train station behind Falenica is a delicious ice-cream shop where you will find some classic delicacies all made onsite. Not for everybody but we recommend the pistaccio! Amazing!

4. Fabryka Lodów – Downtown

Another place with qeueus which is normally a good sign. Voted by in 2017 as the best ice cream in town. Its still going strong and we recommend the salty caramel. The best we have ever had!

3. Lodziarnia Laurie

In third place was Laurie. Apparently, it was noted at the remarkable freshness of the ingredients and the end result, creamy and incredibly tasty ice cream. Expect all the classics plus some interesting flavors such as their
JAGERBOMB . Check out also the Mascarpone with Granat & Stracciatella!

2. Na Końcu Tęczy – Downtown

In second place is Na Końcu Tęczy which means at the end of the rainbow. Expect all ingredients to be sourced from local bazaars. Even things like milk, cream, vanilla, butter, sugar, fruit, roasted nuts and grains. The video below says it all!

Posted by Na Końcu Tęczy on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

1. Tłusty Kotek – Downtown

And here is number one. The top dog! Tłusty Kotek is located in ul. Hożej 51. Expect flavors such as cream with raspberry and blackberry, chocolate with orange, chocolate with cherry, solo cream, chocolate with chocolate truffle.

Not only are the ingredients super fresh but you will find huge biteables amounts of them in your icecream also.

Their ice cream is not the cheapest but has been voted the best in town so it’s worth your while to pay them a visit and give your opinion. They also have a second location in Ursynów on ulica Andrzeja Romecki 9 to make it even easier. Enjoy!

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