Hunting clubs earn huge amount of money for killing wild animals. But taking care of nature by the use of hunters consists of throwing hundreds of tons of food into the forest and then shooting at the animals approaching it. Thats how they trap their prey. Seems like cheating to us.

Recently, the prices to hunt an animal at hunting clubs have been rising. So how much does it cost? From 100PLN for a goat to 1-2000PLN for a deer. If you want to keep the horns or the skull you can pay more than 5000PLN! Bird feathers are a negligible cost – a few zlotys and the skull of a killed fox can be taken for free. 20-40 PLN per kilo is paid for the skin. 

All these extras fly under the radar and websites such as are attracting hunters from all over the world. Poland has in fact now become one of the most popular destinations for hunting trips in Europe!

The big money earner for the 3000 or so hunting clubs though is the bison. The fact that they are becoming extinct means hunters pay over thirty thousand zlotys. Hunting for protected bison takes place under the pretext of eliminating sick animals.

Animal Breeding Centers also have a special role in hunting activities but are being used in the wrong way. They are run by the State Forests and the Polish Hunting Association. In theory, they have a protective role for endangered species. In practice, they are places where animals are bred only to release them to be hunted by the hunters in return for under the table payments.

One example is when one of the centers released from their cages 500 young pheasants as targets for shooters. 400 died immediately. Diana Piotrowska, former spokeswoman of the Polish Hunting Association, known for her dislike of environmentalists, said last year that there are 123 thousand hunters in Poland who has approx. 300,000 weapons, and about 16 thousand go hunting daily.

It is a powerful group, protecting its bloody hobby and a very controversial business, over which – as the Supreme Audit Office reminds – no one exercises control.

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